As a recent graduate myself, I can appreciate that June can be a tense time for students. Whether you're in the midst of exams and deadlines and desperately need some creative relief, or you've just broken up for summer and are wondering how to fill your time, BIDF 18 has something to offer you!

Student budgets can be tight, but that's no reason why you can't enjoy BIDF 18! We have plenty of free performances happening in Victoria square throughout the festival. Two budget friendly options which I'm particularly looking forward to are Gravitas by Ofir Yudilevitch and Compagnie Didier Theron's pefromances of Air and La Grande Phase. Gravitas is performed on an air mat and is an acrobatic duet which explores one of the most powerful forces in nature: gravity. The performers take a moment to play with it, becoming pure mass, before surrendering to its blind will. Air is an original and intriguing piece which features four dancers dressed in inflatable latex suits which transform and magnify their movements. Intricate and precise choreography is given a new dynamic as the latex structures respond to the movements within them. 

If you've been spending too much time in the library lately then BIDF 18 is the perfect social escape! Start your day off right with our morning rave: Morning Gloryville. Not your traditional rave, Morning Gloryville has a no drink or drugs ethos. Instead we have massages, yoga and a feast of a breakfast menu, alongside the banging beats of Crazy P, who is headlining the event. A fun and healthy way to relax your mind, shake off your inhibitions and plug into the collective life force of the dance floor!  Club Fierce: Dance Amnesty is back to close BIDF 18 with an unmissable party. Hosted by Yshee Black, there'll be performances, live music and DJ's. It's sure to be an unforgettable night; no dance move is outlawed! Moseley Folk are bringing their favourite Ceilidh band, Rabscallion, to Victoria Square for 2 free dance events! Suitable for levels of experience, the charismatic Ceilidh caller is sure to get everyone moving from the word go-the onus is on fun!

If you're looking for something which strays from traditional dance performances, we have multiple events which incorporate technology into dance in an original and exciting way. Symbiosis by Kira Zhigalina  is an immersive installation which uses sensor technology to visualise each participant’s breathing with LED lights. From this, the artwork grows, creating a connective human experience. VR_l by Cie Gilles Jobin & Artanim is an unforgettable, captivating Virtual Reality experience. Participants become their own avatar, physically moving in a virtual environment, meeting five virtual dancers. Interact with other VR adventurers in a thrilling encounter that can be enjoyed by all. Guide by Vera Ondrasikova & Collective is an audio visual experience in which the past and present become one. Lights and electronic music are sculpted to create a magical performance which reflects on the lessons of life.

Hope to see you there!