Becky Namgauds will be presenting her new piece RODADORAS as part of the Midlands Made strand of BIDF.

Becky is a dancer who studied in Birmingham (whilst working at dx!), and now splits her time between Birmingham and London. Her training began in Tae Kwon Do and Gymnastics before training in Hip Hop, and later discovering Contemporary Dance and Capoeira.

We spoke to Becky about her work, her future as an artist and how Birmingham and the festival has shaped her as a performer and choreographer. 

Where did the idea for RODADORAS come from?

I was reading about the extreme gender violence which is happening to women in South America. Every day women are found in rivers, wastelands and dumps. Some of the images are horrific and I couldn't get them out of my head, so I decided to create a piece around it. I didn’t want to make a dark piece, though. This is more focused on a fantasy about what would happen if these women came back to life. I wanted to create a feeling of comradery between the women and to keep it light-hearted.

Why did you want to create this ‘fantasy’ rather than present a realistic representation?

Neither myself nor my dancers have experienced anything close to the horror that these women face. Creating the fantasy of the aftermath rather than trying to translate the experience meant that I wasn’t attempting to replicate these women’s experience.  

Would you like to travel to South America?

Yeah! My ambition for this work is to do some sort of exchange – to maybe go over to Mexico or Brazil (because of my connection to Capoeira) and make a version of the piece with dancers there.

In terms of your connection to Birmingham, do you think you’d be the same artist if you hadn’t worked at dx?

If I hadn’t been in Birmingham and if I hadn’t got a job at dx it would have been more of a struggle to find work and to develop my practice. As soon as I started working here I met so many amazing artists and dancers. Working on two festivals really opened up opportunities for me. I assisted Luca Silvestrini at the age of 21, which at the time was a massive deal. When I first scratched RODADORAS I wondered whether it would be something the festival would want and now that it has really happened it’s amazing.

What are your plans for after the festival?

I’m touring RODADORAS around Europe this Summer. Next year I’m going to try and get my other piece (Like Honey) off the ground, and maybe try and do a bit more dancing. Oh – and I need to book a holiday!

See Becky perform as part of Midlands Made from Mon 4 June to Fri 8 June