The Opportunities on this page are now closed. 

For the opening of Birmingham International Dance Festival on 2 June 2018, we have commissioned German choreographer Stephanie Thiersch to create a large scale dance performance that invites Birmingham dancers of all styles, backgrounds and ages to take part and celebrate the diverse dance scene that Birmingham has to offer!

In an artistic and political attempt to experience dance as a collective and democratic process, we are looking for amateur dancers and dance groups to participate in one or both of the following parts of the project:

1) Interdisciplinary Dance Battle We would like stage a Dance Battle to present the diverse dance styles in Birmingham. Through this we are creating a fun environment for groups to showcase their talent, using the famous format of break dance circles. This will encourage a mindset of respect for all participants and give space to see each other dance.

We are inviting 10-12 groups who are willing to present a 2minute choreography in their respective dance style. An MC will guide through the battle, where one group after the other will take the centre of the circle and perform their dance challenge. The Battle will end with one group teaching all participants and audiences a short and simple dance sequence to be danced together.

No rehearsals will be required for the Dance Battle. Please send us a video of the dance you would like to perform in order to apply!

2) Collective Spiral Dance In a second part of the event, Stephanie Thiersch will create a joint choreography, integrating and connecting 50 or more professional and amateur dancers and dance groups of all styles, backgrounds and ages. Led by both local and international dancers of Mouvoir Company, the choreography will weave all Birmingham dancers together into one big collective Spiral Dance. Audiences will get the chance to join into a flash mob sequence at the end, that will be available to view and learn online prior to the event.

The choreographer will introduce the project on 23rd May to all participants. Group leaders and individual dancers will be introduced to the choreography and required to rehearse the material in their own time. There will be collective dance rehearsals with Stephanie Thiersch and her company in the week of 28th May leading up to the event.

Please get in touch with Mira Moschallski Norman by May 16th if you are interested in taking part in this event to showcase the dance you love at the opening of Birmingham International Dance Festival!

[email protected] | 0121 667 8088

Let us know whether you are interested in one or both parts of the project and please send us a short video of your group so we can get an idea of the style of dance you are offering.

BIDF will cover your public transport expenses and will offer you food vouchers to be used in our Festival Hub on the day of the event at Victoria Square.

We are looking forward to working together with you!