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Frequently asked questions about Birmingham Pro Class in the Studio

Why has Birmingham Pro Class launched?

  • We are passionate about developing provision for professionals in the city by providing a regular, consistent bi-weekly pro class, and have concluded that from a financial perspective this new model is the only sustainable way of making this possible. All participants have an ownership of the programme through our unique, self-financing model, which will enable it to develop from strength to strength and be sustainable in the long term.
  • With this sustainable model we have been able to add additional benefits to members such as priority booking and discounts for specific events and workshops. In the long run we hope to be able to add to these e.g. fund music in some classes.

Who is the membership for?

  • Birmingham Pro Class is for any professional artists, or second/third year vocational students who would like to continue development and push themselves in a challenging, high quality professional class.

Where will classes take place?

  • Following the Government’s statement on Coronavirus (COVID -19) live Birmingham Professional Classes are currently suspended until further notice. Instead we are offering a new ONLINE MEMBERSHIP - see below. 


Join us for our brand new online membership that will help you get back to your peak and to continue physical training at home. This membership is one step closer to the studio!

We will be welcoming back regular and new BPC tutors throughout the term kicking off on Thursday 10 September via our Zoom. Four weeks worth of classes will also be available via our password protected Zoom account so you can access classes anytime you like.  

For full details please visit our What's On page

Can I book a single class?

  • Yes, although for many this is unlikely to be the most cost effective way to book.  The new ONLINE Single tickets will cost £5 per class and can only be purchased in advance directly from here. 
  • The new ONLINE monthly membership can be purchased for just £15 a month making a cost effective saving of £5 on four classes.
  • In addition, Membership gives access to four 75 min live classes on Zoom each month via our password protected Drop Box account so you can access classes anytime you like up to 30 days after class.

How do I set up my membership?

  • Membership can all be set up online here
  • Membership commences on the “Start Date” shown on the membership acceptance email – which is sent automatically when a member pays the fee.

How long is needed for cancellation of a monthly £15 ONLINE membership?

  • A member has a ‘cooling off’ right to cancel this agreement within 14 days of the signed “Start Date” by sending or taking a written notice of cancellation to Birmingham Pro Class.  A refund will be arranged with the deduction of a £10 administration fee and the cost of any classes attended at the rate of £10 per class.
  • A member can at any time after one months of their Membership Start Date, cancel their membership by providing Birmingham Pro Class a full calendar month written notice. This means a customer commits at least two months of classes at a minimum if they buy a monthly membership.
  • This fixed membership period is needed to ensure a stable income base for Pro Class Birmingham, and to enable the programme of professional classes to be confirmed in advance.

What would happen if you had signed up for direct debit and there were no funds in your account when a payment is claimed?

  • If there is no money in your account when the direct debit is requested the payment will fail and our finance department will receive an automatic notice.  We will then get in touch with you to sort out payment.  The bank will resubmit a payment request the following month as usual.
  • If a Direct Debit fails or a member has cancelled their membership without prior agreement, membership will be suspended until payment is received. If any member falls behind in payment for more than one calendar month, membership will be cancelled.  

If an independent artist is interested in teaching class, how can they get involved?

If I have an event or workshop I would like to be included as an additional benefit for members, what should I do?

  • We hope to be able to add further benefits as the programme develops.  Please get in touch on [email protected] if you have any product or service that is suitable for the professional dance community that could considered for inclusion.

Visit Terms & Conditions for full details