By Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in partnership with BIDF (UK)

From Mon 11 June to Tues 12 June 

We come together to consider the ways in which practice and process can be honoured in a time short product obsessed culture. From delicate acts, to ferocious interventions. Drawing on Slow Movement philosophies, we will think, talk, write, dance, rest and eat together (1). Perhaps it is possible to imagine a future world where we can all live in a slower environment with reflection, collaboration and compassion, as an alternative pace in city spaces.

Slowing and Stilling invites practices, processes, and ponderings that might touch the following themes:
 how slow thinking as a practice allows an experience of the body, space and time
differently, becoming more attentive, through a slower ontology
 methodologies that tune the relationship between spaces of the inner body, the
surfaces and spaces outside the body
 ‘doing less’, tuning into listening, moving, writing and resting
 ‘doing less’ , an act of resistance to accustomed ‘productive’ practices
 intra - activity rather than inter – action; unpacking time and space
 the slow or still body as a resistant force in performance
 the challenges and the beauty of long term or life long practice

There is no fee to attend the conference, but we ask that everyone submit a short statement of interest in participating, and an offering of a contribution. Your contribution may be a presentation, or it may be your presence and attention. We request that all who attend agree to disseminate something of the experience to their
own community in some way, by autumn 2018.

Polly Hudson, Head of Movement, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City
Katye Coe, Independent dancer and Associate Senior lecturer, Coventry University
Paul Russ, Associate Artistic Director, BIDF and Artistic Director, Dance4

(1) In 2017 a Slow Time symposium was convened at Coventry University by Katye Coe and Becca Wood.
This event and its propositions formed the beginnings of and acted as a catalyst for Slowing and Stilling.

Booking for this event has now closed.