#PUNK 100% POP 

Country of Origin: USA & Zimbabwe 

Friday 19 & Saturday 20 June / 9pm

Booking available from March

#PUNK 100% POP is a two-part live performance album, a sonic and visual landscape, engaging voice, gesture and soundclash installation. Inspired by Chipaumire’s formative years in Zimbabwe and the energy and rebellion of punk and 1980s New Wave music, each session exists as a complete statement or can be experienced together as an epic song cycle (like an album).

This is two performance by the same company which can be viewed as a two-part experience or as one individual performance.

#PUNK / FRI 19 JUNE, 21.00 

#PUNK explores the 70s cultural aesthetic through the music of Patti Smith, including how ideologies such as self-reliance, non-commercial art-making, destroying and re-purposing, were expressed through fashion, visual art, dance, cinema and literature.

100% POP / SAT 20 JUNE, 21.00

Grace Jones’ was perhaps the first superstar who was black, female and unapologetic. Focusing on her renowned “one-man show”, 100% POP uses sound clashing elements and Zimbabwe’s Chimurenga music, dub and noise, to examine the ways information and knowledge were acquired in less free times.

Age Guidance: 14+

Warnings: Very loud music, Strong (sometimes aggressive) language.

Duration: 100 mins (15 min interval)

Booking for this event has now closed.