Mind The Gap 


Country of Origin: France

Friday 12 & Saturday 13 June / TBA


Entering into contact with it are three figures who move carefully yet audaciously, bursting forth with healthy solidarity. The slightest movement on their part could upset the structure’s entire balance of power, a structure in a state of perpetual collapse.

At the heart of this avalanche of matter, they are twisting, bending, falling, gathering themselves again, catching themselves, adapting to the impossible, searching for a subtle equilibrium of masses. Around them, everything is stacking up, piling up, falling down, building up again, getting busy. Matter becomes animate and bodies get back to dancing.

Shaping the surrounding chaos in order, perhaps, to build a better world. After all, why not?

Age Guidance: All Ages

Running Time: 45 mins

Booking for this event has now closed.