Country of Origin: UK

Friday 12 & Saturday 13 June / TBA

2 shows per day


Jukebox is a celebration of the thing that almost all of us enjoy, that's also the reason that most of us danced for the very first time, music. Each work finds the identity at the heart of the song and grooves through it for the pleasure and satisfaction of the audience member that chose it.

The choreographic process was designed to amplify each song by crafting movement language and composition that highlight different sounds and rhythms within each track. The hope being that audience members feel that what they are watching allows them to perceive the music in a different light.  In short, you get to HEAR the dance and SEE the music. 

Jukebox is a work for all audiences that celebrates music for all kinds of different people, be it eighties pop, nineties r&b, or noughties hip hop. All songs available for selection were voted on by an online audience of different people meaning that Jukebox is a work created by and for you. 

Age Guidance: All Ages

Running Time: 25 mins