By Ofir Yudilevitch (Israel)

Sat 9 June / 15.30 & 19.00

Sun 10 Jun / 16.15

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Gravitas, the creation of Ofir Yudilevitch, one of the most interesting emerging Israeli choreographers, is a duet combining dance and acrobatics, performed on an air floor mat.  The show explores one of the basic and powerful forces in nature.  It acts upon us and upon every physical object in the same way and defines the language we use in everyday life: Up-down, light heavy, high art- low art, life- death. Gravity doesn’t care if we land or crash, it will remain the same. The performers take a moment to play with it, becoming pure mass and surrendering to its blind will.

 “Gravitas .. let force, gravity, falling, crashing, jumping, along with amble doses of oneupmanship, take center stage in one of the most original and minimalist works of the festival.”

Age: Suitable for all ages

Duration: 30 minutes

Performers: Eshed Avraham, Ofir Yudilevitch

Gravitas is produced by Agente129 with music by Son Lux, Hakobune, and Brasstracks

This event is part of our International Weekend, for the full programme please see here