By the ISH Dance Collective

Thu 14 June / 7.15pm-8.20pm

Four skating ramps dominate the stage, being taken apart and reassembled in multiple ways to showcase thrilling performances of breakdance, inline skating, skateboarding, freerunning, BMX, and even freestyle basketball.

Artistic director Marco Gerris (ex-jury member of The Freestyle Games and So You Think You Can Dance) aims to pack a wallop that makes people think, ‘Wow, what did I just see?’

Gerris finds lots of inspiration in the pure movement of urban arts and is unparalleled at seeing the poetry in every movement. No matter whether you’re gliding through the air on ballet shoes or on skates – to him, it’s all dance.

Since 2000, ISH has been connecting people by surprising them, combining street skills with established art forms. ISH’s shows, demos and educational projects build bridges between art forms, disciplines and cultures in an innovative manner, without borders.

Age Guidance: 8+

Duration: 65 mins

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