By James Batchelor and Collaborators (Australia)

Fri 22 June, 5.30 & 8.15pm / Sat 23 June, 4pm 

Tickets £10 online or on the door

Combining dance, sound and installation, Deepspace is a mesmerising, intimate performance that examines our curiosity for the unknown. Playing at the intersection of art and science, the body is taken to the extremities of remoteness and proximity, connectedness and isolation, certainty and uncertainty.

In 2016 James Batchelor was invited to be official voyage artists on a 2-month expedition at sea studying remote islands in the sub-Antarctic. This expedition led by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in Australia took place on Australia’s Marine National Facility the RV Investigator, a state of the art marine research vessel. It journeyed to the UNESCO World Heritage Heard and McDonald Islands, with the purpose of studying submarine volcanoes and their relationship to the Earth’s biosphere.

There will be a post show talk on Friday 22 June at 9.30pm. This talk will be hosted by Paul Russ, artistic director of BIDF 2018 and will be a discussion between James Batchelor and Emil Toescu on research from an artistic and a scientific perspective. Dr. Emil Toescu is a practicing neuroscientist at the University of Birmingham. In the last 3 years he has been involved with the development of a new Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences course at the Univeristy, which aims to bring together, in an integrative fashion, sciences and the arts and humanities. At the same time he started Eutopia, a consultancy that aims to bring science more central to the cultural narrative of our times.

Age: 8+

Duration: 55 mins

Note: This is an immersive work where the audience moves through the space with the dancers. There will be limited seating. If you have access requirements please contact [email protected]