By Compagnie Didier Theron (France)

Sat 9 June / 12.15 & 17.00

Sun 10 June / 12.30 & 16.15

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*La Grande Phrase (Sat / 12.15 & Sun / 12.30) is a promenade performance which moves through locations starting at Victoria Square. 

Funny and original, AIR features four dancers dressed in inflatable latex suits which transform and magnify their movements. Intricate and precise choreography is given a new energy and dynamic by the element of weightlessness, as the latex structures respond to the movements within them. The air creates a new link between the dancer, space, the audience and the public space they animate.

Age Guidance: Suitable for any age

Duration: 60 minutes

This event is part of our International Weekend, for the full programme please see here

Booking for this event has now closed.